• teacher residency program logo imageTeacher Residency Program Process

    The program begins in the spring when candidates will prepare for and take their required Praxis exams. It will continue into the summer with training, and finally a full school year clinical residency with courses/coaching to prepare candidates for success in the classroom. The Residents will be teachers of record with a Residency License while completing coursework and the edTPA portfolio to be recommended for their Initial Professional License in the fall. A key part of the program is summer training where candidates must meet a performance bar. Research shows teachers who demonstrate an understanding of pedagogy and create an equitable and positive classroom culture during summer training, are more successful during the school year.  Summer training is designed to give candidates opportunities to practice these foundational skills followed by immediate feedback in order to develop as responsive teachers. It is also important that they are able to ultimately prepare to execute basic classroom management skills and content delivery. 

    During the school year, residents receive various supports in order for them to meet program, district, and state requirements for initial licensure.  These requirements include completing online coursework, passing required state tests and submitting edTPA, satisfying tuition, completing all administrative tasks within guidelines, and meeting all beginning teacher state requirements.  The supports put in place for residents to meet these requirements include cohort meetings, scheduled office hours, coaching and collaboration with their WS/FCS Clinical educator, testing tutors, and a plethora of resources provided through Canvas. 

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    Program Goal

    For WS/FCS Teaching Residency to be a high-quality, research-based, accelerated training and licensure program that recruits, prepares, and retains a diverse teaching population to meet the academic, social, emotional, and cultural needs of WS/FCS students. 

    What: Teacher residency candidates will participate in a six-week summer field experience/coaching program that aligns with the weeks of WS/FCS Summer School. The curriculum and activities will be designed by WS/FCS Teacher Residency staff and TNTP in alignment with NC Teacher Professional Standards, research-based best practices, edTPA, and NCEES. The school year will consist of weekly meetings, online modules, and coaching support. 

    When: Monday-Friday starting June 24th through July 26th, from 8:00-4:00. Then weekly face-to-face classes occur from 4:30-6:30 on Thursdays. 

    Cost: $3,000 fee. Consisting of $500 due prior to the summer session, and then monthly installments of $250 through payroll deduction.