• WS/FCS Teacher Residency Online Application Instructions 

  • We are excited that you want to take the next step in making a difference for WS/FCS students and becoming a fully licensed NC educator.  Our recruitment team is ready to support you with becoming an effective full-time teacher. You will bring your talent, grit, and dedication to our community. We will help you master the skills you need to help students unlock their full potential.  If you are passionate about being a part of the movement to increase outcomes and opportunities for students, join us! 

    What you will need

    • Your resume,
    • College transcript(s)
    • Any Praxis or Pearson scores.
    • Referral form(s) - available online
      • if currently a WS/FCS employee, your principal or their designee will submit a referral form.
    • You will a question to respond to in writing in 250 words or less.  
    • You will need to upload these documents to the site.
    • You will have two questions to respond to via video using a free online tool called Flip (formerly Flipgrid)  

    If accepted into the program, you will be required to take and pass state-required certification test(s) before you begin training IF you do not have at least 24 hours of relevant coursework determined by the licensure department.

  • WS/FCS Teaching Residency Application for Cohort 2 (which begins summer, 2024) is now CLOSED. Applications for Cohort 3 beginning Summer, 2025 will open in October, 2024.

  • If you have specific questions about your license, or if you have a license from another state, reach out to WS/FCS Licensure Specialist, Sherri Gilliam shgilliam@wsfcs.k12.nc.us.