Students, parents, teachers, staff, and the community are valued as unified partners in providing opportunities for vocational training and transitional planning. As partners, we develop tomorrow's citizens, workers, and leaders in our community and beyond.



    The mission of Carter High School is to provide a caring and positive environment where students with special needs feel empowered to recognize and optimize their potential through an emphasis on 21st century learning techniques, functional and communication skills, self-advocacy, and transitional awareness. 




    Goal 1: Every student will receive individualized rigorous classroom instruction based on NC Extended Content Standards through supplemental instruction programs, both virtual and in person, written assessments that are formal and informal, and “performance-based measures.” 

     Goal 2: Carter High School will retain a minimum of 70% of highly qualified staff members by creating a supportive environment.  

     Goal 3: To reduce the chronic absent percentage rate from 30.4% to 25.4%  

     Goal 4: The administrative and instructional leadership team will utilize and provide resources that increase staff understanding of school wide         MTSS.

    Goal 5: To increase the knowledge of transitional opportunities amongst all stakeholders. 


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Last Modified on September 8, 2023