• Jetland Connection for 10-9-23

    Posted by Shelia Burnette on 10/8/2023 6:00:00 PM

    Greetings, Jetland Nation,
    This is Dr. Burnette with this week's reminders.

    Monday's Motivational Theme is Disney Day for staff and students who want to join us. The next theme for October 16 is Twin Day. 

    Please remember that Fall Picture Day is this Thursday, October 12.  Families may send in the picture order packets that they received earlier in the school year.  

    We want to remind families to please join our parent-teacher organization to help build a strong partnership between our families and our staff.  We need your support.  We also thank you for supporting the PTO in providing the Fall Festival by making your donations of candy this week and offering your time and assistance for this event.  

    Lastly, please ask your student each day about the word of the day and challenge them on Tuesdays and Thursdays to make as many words that they can with our Word Family on those days.  This will help us with our goal of expanding your child's vocabulary in reading, writing and spelling by thousands of words this year.  

    Thank you and have a great evening! See you Monday. 

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  • Jetland Connection for 10-2-23

    Posted by Shelia Burnette on 10/1/2023 6:00:00 PM

    Greetings, Jetland Nation,
    This is Dr. Burnette with this week's reminders. 

    Motivational Monday is a focus on our students learning for their future. So, staff are invited to wear their college shirts and we invite students to represent their favorite college team as well.  Let's encourage our students to make sure that they work to be college and career ready now so that they have choices when they graduate high school.

    School Picture Day is October 12 and all students and staff will take pictures for the yearbook. 

    We also ask that you please make sure that you checked your all-star's backpack for their progress report and information about joining the PTO and Fall Festival that were sent on last Thursday. We thank you, in advance, for your donations of candy for the festival. 

    Lastly, we ask that all parents/families help us find volunteers in our community to come to Hall-Woodward to read with and to our students, to find sororities and fraternities to serve as mentors and to find community members who might want part-time employment as lunch monitors to give our teachers duty free lunch.  We appreciate your referrals and assistance! 

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  • Jetland Connection for 9-24-23

    Posted by Shelia Burnette on 9/24/2023 6:00:00 PM

    Greetings Jetland Nation,
    This is your proud principal, Dr. Burnette, with a few reminders.

    Thank you for the families who attended our Annual Title I and Back to School Night event last Thursday. 

    Monday's Motivational Theme is Hispanic Heritage, so we invite staff and students to dress in shirts, outfits or colors that represent our countries of origin for our Hispanic community members at Hall-Woodward.

    First Quarter Progress Reports will be sent home on Thursday afternoon.  Please review this with your All-Star and feel free to contact your child's teacher by Class Dojo to schedule a phone, virtual or face-to-face conference.  It's important to know how you can support your student to grow one year or more this year, as well as to reach or exceed proficiency on their grade level work. Students have to read 30 minutes every night in order to grow their vocabulary, fluency in reading, and their comprehension.  Please have them do this and ask them questions about what they read.

    Families, please remind your All-Star that we cannot afford to lose instructional time due to disciplinary issues.  So, they need to follow teacher directions and school rules, avoid bullying or offensive statements or behaviors and treat others the way that they would want to be treated. Our students have a lot of skills, gifts and talents that can show when they focus on why they are at school and to make you proud.  Bus behavior must also be safe in order to get every student to school safely and to avoid bus suspensions. 

    Lastly, please mark your calendars for Fall Picture Day on October 12. 

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  • Jetland Connection for 9-18-23

    Posted by Shelia Burnette on 9/17/2023 6:30:00 PM

    Greetings, Jetland Nation,

    This is Dr. Burnette, your Proud Principal, calling with a few reminders.  

    Monday's Motivational Theme for staff is "crazy sock day" because we are Crazy about our Jet All-Stars.  Students (and families) are always invited to join us for our Monday theme days.

    This Thursday, we need to see all families here for our Annual Title I Meeting and Back to School Night.  Families will meet with the teachers to understand the expectations, routines and ways that you could help your all-stars reach success this year.  Please join us between 5 and 7pm, with Title I presentations at 5 and 6pm.  

    Families are reminded that car riders are dismissed at 3:15pm and must be picked up by 3:40pm. Parents must come in and complete a late sign-out for students after 3:40pm.  We want to remind families to please send your emergency cards back to school; please join Class Dojo to communicate with the teachers and administrators, as well as for bus and other reminders; and please load Here Comes the Bus app for bus updates.

    Lastly, we need parent and family representatives on our School Improvement Team, which will meet Tuesday from 7:30-8:15am. Please contact Mrs. Gonzalez-Encina or administration if you are willing to join us.  

    Thank you for all that you do and have a great week. Let's go Jets!

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  • Jetland Connection 9-11-2023

    Posted by Shelia Burnette on 9/10/2023

    Greetings, Jetland Nation,
    This is Dr. Burnette with this week's reminders. 

    First we want to thank you for a great start to this school year.  Thank for your cooperation with the car rider line, which has gotten better each day. Please remember that for drop off, parents must stay in cars along the sidewalk. Families that choose to walk to the door/mobile must park in the designated areas to keep from blocking traffic. Only families assigned to Barton and Broyles' class may park near the cones.  

    In the afternoon, car rider traffic has been ending by 3:35. Families who come after 3:40 will have to come to the office to sign-out late students.  Families are also reminded that students are tardy at 8:45am and those being picked up early must be dismissed before 2:30pm.  

    We will also be checking for bus tickets daily to notify families of any bus stops that have been approved as the tickets are received.  Please make sure to return your emergency/dismissal cards and other forms to the teacher with current phone numbers, and please make sure to join Class Dojo for your teacher. 

    Lastly, please note that 3rd graders will be taking their Beginning of the Grade state testing on Wednesday so we need 100% attendance and all student ready to show how much they know.  All preK-5th graders will be participating in other state and district beginning-of-year assessments this week throughout the day, so please encourage them to do their personal best.  Let's go Jets! Come to school focused on excellence!!!

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