• procedures to resolve disagreements


        (Article 9B)    State Definition for Academically and/or Intellectually Gifted Students

    Parent & Student Rights

    Procedure to Resolve Disagreements

    PROCEDURE TO DISAGREE: As required by state law, the WS/FCS AIG Plan includes a procedure to resolve disagreements between parents or guardians and school officials when a child does not identify as AIG, or there are concerns regarding appropriate services or placement. In this district, this procedure is based on parent rights and due process procedures.


    The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act and WS/FCS Policy 5125 grants parents a right to inspect and copy any educational records maintained by WS/FCS relating to their child. For more information about parents' rights regarding student records, see the Parents' Handbook or Policy 5125.


    APPEALS PROCEDURE: When a parent disagrees with the decision reached by the AIG Department or the principal, he/she may file a grievance in accordance with the Student-and-Parent Grievance Procedure, Policy 5145, as modified below.


    Step 1: School level.

    The parent should discuss the disagreement with the principal within 90 days of the AIGPPT decision or issue of concern. If the grievance is not resolved after an informal discussion, the parent may submit a formal written grievance to the principal stating the reason(s) why the parent disagrees with the placement or service option decision. The principal will investigate the complaint and reply in writing, generally within 10 business days.


    Step 2: Administrative level.

    If the parents are dissatisfied with the principal's decision, they may appeal in writing to the Advanced Learning Director  within five business days of the receipt of the principal's decision at PO. Box 2513, Winston-Salem, N.C.27102. The AIG Program Manager will meet with the parent, review the student's records and the evaluation data, talk with the student's teachers, and prepare a written report and decision generally within 15 business days.


    Step 3: Board level.

    If the parents are dissatisfied with the Advanced Learning Director’s  decision, they may appeal to the Board of Education by submitting a formal grievance appeal form to the school attorney at PO. Box 2513, Winston-Salem, N.C.27102. A hearing will be provided within 30 days before a three-member panel of the board in accordance with the Student and Parent Grievance Procedure, Policy 5145.


    Mediation: If the parents and WS/FCS cannot agree on the identification, evaluation, program, or placement of a child, then a third party shall be asked to mediate. Mediation serves as an attempt to resolve the problem before reaching a formal hearing. Mediation, however, cannot be used by either party to delay a formal due process hearing or other legal procedure.