• Pre-AP Courses


    Open to all students, Pre-AP is a grade-level program usually taught in grades 9 and 10. Pre-AP courses are back-mapped from AP courses and provide students with the content, skills, and practices for success in AP. They do not provide college credit or require a final exam but they offer a consistent instructional model of plan, teach, assess, and reflect, which provides continuity for students and teachers across all courses. Here at WSFCS, Pre-AP classes offer Honor credits. 

    How Pre-AP Prepares Students for AP

    In Pre-AP, students have frequent opportunities to engage deeply with texts, sources, and data, as well as compelling higher-order questions and problems. Across Pre-AP courses, students experience instructional practices and routines that help them develop the important critical thinking skills needed to succeed in AP. Pre-AP promotes equity because, as a grade-level program, Pre-AP closes the opportunity gap for all students. 


    More about Pre-AP from students in the following video: