• Foster Care Enrollment & Best Interest Determination (BID) Process

    Step 1: Provide NC Best Interest Determination Forms  

    Before enrolling a student who is in DSS custody into a WS/FC school, the following forms are to be completed by DSS and emailed to Rblang@wsfcs.k12.nc.us 

    *link for school locator https://www.wsfcs.k12.nc.us/Page/121458

    Step 2: Schedule a Best Interest Determination Meeting (BID)

    DSS is responsible for initiating, scheduling, and hosting BID meetings.

    • Please contact all non-WS/FCS meeting participants for availability before finalizing a BID meeting using the scheduling app. The scheduling app will generate a virtual meeting link.  

    • The WS/FCS ESSA Foster Care POC is responsible for inviting the appropriate WS/FCS staff to the meeting and sending the virtual meeting link out to indicated participants.

    To schedule a BID meeting with WS/FCS click here

    Step 3: BID Meeting Process  

    During the meeting, the DSS Foster Care Social Worker is responsible for completing the DSS 5137 Best Interest Determination form (or DSS 5245 Child Education Status as applicable).  

    After the meeting, the DSS Foster Care Social Worker is responsible for sending the completed DSS 5137 to the WS/FCS ESSA Foster Care POC within 1 day of the decision. Email to Rblang@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    The start date and transportation for students are determined during the BID meeting.  

    Step 4: Final Step

    Following the BID meeting, the WS/FCS ESSA Foster Care POC ensures the completed Verification of Custody Letter (DSS 5760), the Immediate Enrollment Form (DSS 5135) and additional information as provided is sent to the determined WS/FC school.  

    *If the student has not yet been registered with WS/FCS, the foster parent or DSS can enroll the student. To enroll online in a WS/FC school click here.