• My name is Megan Lewis, the social worker for Lowrance Middle School. My contact information is listed below for you to use. I am very excited to be here to assist and support you throughout your journey at Lowrance Middle School. I am honored to have the opportunity to get to know families and students, and I am excited to be a part of this community.


    What Do I Do?


    • “School Social Workers provide services that enhance and promote the educational, emotional, and social needs of students and families in order for them to make use of the resources available to them to achieve their full potential within their home, school, and community. (WSFCS Social Work Brochure)”


    What Does That Look Like?


    • The student, family, school staff, and community partners work together with the social worker to assess their needs, develop and implement an intervention plan(s), and involve appropriate school and community resources.
    • Bridging the gap between community and school to decrease barriers of ANY kind and increase student success.
    • Developing relationships and building rapport with all stakeholders.
    • Providing ongoing support and follow up when needed.


    Megan A. Lewis, M.S.W.


    Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools

    School Social Worker

    Carter High School &

    Lowrance Middle School


    Phone #: 336-865-3044