• Teen Parents And Their Families 

    “Supporting our students as they build healthy families and a healthy future for themselves and their children.” 

  • Program Goals: 

    • Increase educational attainment and equity among teen parents
    • Increase graduation rates among teen parents

    Who We Serve: 

    (1) Any pregnant teen who is

    • Under 20,
    • Lives in Forsyth County,
    • Plans to continue her pregnancy,
    • Has not already graduated from high school or gotten a GED, and
    • Who's enrolled in some secondary school in Forsyth County (not Forsyth Technical Community College’s GED or Adult High School Programs) OR
    • Who has dropped out (or been dropped from her school's rolls) and is interested in returning to school - in one setting or another. 

    (2) Any parenting teen who meets those same criteria (including teen fathers.)

    How We Serve:

    • Inform and advocate for the rights of pregnant and parenting students in school settings.
    • Act as a liaison between the school administrators, educators, students, and their families.
    • Coordinate enrollment in Hospital Homebound services.
    • Assist teens with school enrollment.
    • Provide supportive counseling to teens and their families.
    • Assist students with securing childcare subsidies.
    • Transport and accompany students to complete essential tasks.
    • Provide linkage to community resources to address the needs of the students and their families (for example: safe sleep, car seat safety, clothing, mental health, substance use, housing, employment, transportation, medical care, etc.).