• Pregnant and Parenting Teen Student Resources

    lightbulbKnow Your Rights as a Pregnant or Parenting Teen Student
    Title IX: Know Your Rights

    lightbulbMake a self-referral to the Teen Parent Program at the following link or reach out directly to the Teen Parent Social Worker or Bilingual Assistant.
    Teen Parent Referral Form

    What to do if you/your partner think you/they may be pregnant -

    • Confirm pregnancy.
    • Talk with your school nurse, school social worker, and/or counselor.
    • Call and establish prenatal care.
    • Schedule your first appointment with an OBGYN provider.
    • Apply for Medicaid or Private Insurance if not already enrolled; talk to the Teen Parent Social Worker if you need any assistance.
    • Apply for WIC (Woman, Infant, and Child’s Supplemental Food Program); talk to the Teen Parent Social Worker if you need a referral.
    • Take prenatal vitamins as prescribed.
    • Identify your support system (home, school, and community).
    • Join a prenatal, childbirth, and/or breastfeeding class.
    • Complete the Hospital Homebound forms 1-2 months prior to delivery with the Teen Parent Social Worker.
    • Determine childcare placement prior to delivering your baby (start looking immediately as most daycare centers are wait-listed).

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    Tips for being a successful student while pregnant/parenting - 

    • Come to school daily and actively participate.
    • Keep track of your absences by communicating with the school educators/teachers.
    • Always get an excuse note when taking you and/or your child to the doctor. Even when you are late!
    • *Hot tip - Schedule doctor's appointments for first thing in the morning or late afternoon so you do not miss the whole day of school!
    • Complete and turn in all classroom assignments.
    • Check Canvas weekly for missing assignments and complete these.
    • Request make-up assignments when you will be out for more than one day.
    • Ask for help. Your educators are here to support you.
    • Speak with your academic counselors about Credit Recovery options and tutoring.
    • Ask for school supplies from your educator, counselor, or the Teen Parent Social Worker.
    • Seek adequate and safe childcare for your baby.
    • Contact the Teen Parent Social Worker when you need some help. 

    Remember you are not alone; the Teen Parent program is here to provide support along the way!

    WS/FCS Staff Resources

    Looking for information on how to best support your pregnant and/or parenting student? Understanding the relevant policies and guidelines can help. Check some policy links out below. And the Teen Parent Program is always a resource too!


    WSFCS Teen Parent Brochure_English

    WSFCS Teen Parent Brochure_Spanish