• WSFCS Out Of County Information for the 2024-2025 School Year

    Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools Out of County Applications will begin on April 1st-August 1st. This will be an online process through Scribbles. Please click on the link to create an account: https://wsfcsncc.scriborder.com/

    A. A student who is domiciled and resides outside of Forsyth County but chooses to attend school in Forsyth County may request an assignment to any school in the county that is under capacity. The parent or legal guardian must initiate the request to the WSFCS Student Assignment Office.

    B. Critieria for eligibility. A student whose domicile is outside of Forsyth County may be permitted to attend WS/FCS, as provided by and shall be granted assignment, provided:

    1. The school which the student desires to attend is not closed by the appropriate grade level Assistant Superintendent to out of county tuition-paying students due to the enrollment of the school exceeding the building's capacity.
    2. The student is in good standing and was not suspended or expelled at the last school attended;
    3. The student has a written release from the Superintendent of the North Carolina school system of his or her domicile/permanent residence;
    4. The student's parent(s) or the adult rights, agree(s) to pay tuition for a full year or a proportionate amount, if enrollment is for less than a full year. 
    5. Space is available at any regular, optional alternative, or special school or program for all the students residing in Forsyth County who desire to enroll or participate in each program have been served; and 
    6. The Principal of the receiving school agrees to accept the student.  

    Children of WS/FCS full-time and part-time regular (not temporary or substitute) employees who are domiciled in North Carolina, but do not reside within Forsyth County, shall be granted waiver of the tuition fee in consideration of parent's employment after one full year of regular full-time or part-time (not temporary or substitute) employment. 

    Out of County students will be assigned according to space available. Transportation is not provided for students out of county.

    Please contact the Student Assignment Office for questions: