North Carolina Digital Device Survey

  • North Carolina General Assembly session law § 115C-102.9 calls for the collection and reporting of data regarding student access to digital devices and internet access at home. North Carlina PSU's are encouraging parents and guardians to complete the Student Digital Device Survey as it will collect information to help target areas of need and ensure that all students have adequate access to devices and the internet. The data collected is part of the annual North Carolina Digital Learning and Media Inventory (DLMI) process that occurs at the end of every school year. 

    NOTE: This survey is optional. We do hope you will participate so we can gather as many responses as possible. Any information collected will be kept private and confidential.

    The survey is administered through the Powerschool Parent Portal. It must be done on a computer or in a browser via the WS/FCS PowerSchool Parent Portal, It cannot be completed in the Powerschool app. 

    Once you have logged into the PowerSchool Parent Portal, click on 'Digital Device Survey' (see screenshot below) to access and complete the survey. Please direct all questions related to the WS/FCS PowerSchool Parent Portal to the Data Manager at your child's school.