Sponsors: Mrs. Haas
    Targeted Audience: 6th-8th graders
    Meeting Day: Tuesdays
     Meeting Times: 2:20-3:15
    Location: Room 203
    2014 National Champions! 
    NAL uses a sports team format to provide academic challenge for middle school students. Member schools play an academic season that is just like an athletic season. Games and tournament are structured like an athletic event with games consisting of four separate quarters. Each quarter develops a different skill such as problem solving, teamwork, and quick recall. The questions used are drawn from the core curriculum areas of math, English/language arts, science and social studies.
    First Quarter: Roundabout
    Players use strategy to keep possession of a sequence of short-answer questions.
    Second Quarter: Teamwork
    Players learn teamwork as they huddle to answer a complex question in one minute.
    Third Quarter: Problem Solving
    PLayers tackle complex, real-world problems, and then present their solutions. They score points for organization, content, critical thinking and presentation. 
    Fourth Quarter: One-on-One
    Players join in a fast-paced one-on-one speed contest that can result in a free-for-all.
Last Modified on August 9, 2018