• This document is designed to assist parents of gifted students by providing various websites that pertain to the laws and services surrounding the education of gifted students in the state of North Carolina. A brief description of each websites content is included to help parents find specific information.


    This website supplies specific information for the state of North Carolina. It has links that discuss the specific legislation (article 9B), a description of the legislation, roles and responsibilities of all members of the educational community, and a question / answer area.


    This website is a portion of the state of North Carolinas education department website. The user can find information pertaining to the states budget history, student data, resources, and local regions with contact information.


    This link takes the user to the Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools website on gifted education. It covers topics such as the districts plan summary, screening procedures, a presentation by the district superintendent, and a list of books / journals pertaining to the subject of gifted education.


    This website offers the user specific links to state specific programs and general information pertaining to gifted numbers, finances, and policies.



    This website links brings the user directly to the Hanes Magnet Middle School in Winston Salem, North Carolina. The main topic of this link is to provide a description of curriculum opportunities at this specific school.


Last Modified on October 8, 2010