• Grading Scale:

    90-100     A

    80-89       B

    70-79       C

    60-69       D

    60-Below  F
    Types of Assignments:
    The following is a list of the types of student work that will be graded during the school year.
    • class work
    • home work
    • laboratory exercises
    • project (group or individual)
    • quizzes
    • unit exams
    Each assignment is weighted the same. This means that one point on a unit exam has the same impact on the student's grade as one point on a class work assignment does. This is done to help allow all students show their content mastery without "exam anxiety". Essentially one point is one point, I don't care where the student earns that point.
    Late assignments will be penalized 10 points per day for the first three days following an assignment's due date. Any assignments turned in after three days from the due date will be scored with a maximum grade of 60 points. Any assignment which is not turned in by the end of the quarter will be scored as a zero. All missing assignments will be entered into the gradebook as a zero and will show up on progress reports as such. The grade will change only when the assignment is turned in for grading based on the scale previously mentioned.This policy does not apply to school absences. In the case of school absences the school policy will be in effect (this policy can be found in the student handbook).
Last Modified on August 19, 2015