About me

       I live in Winston Salem, North Carolina. I am from Albania.  October 2018 is my 18th year in North Carolina.

    What I Believe

       From my experiences both as a learner and an educator, I firmly believe that an educator who is passionate about the subject material can make learners passionate about it as well. Enthusiasm can motivate learners to learn more about a particular subject and encourage them to pursue their interest through further education or as a possible career. Furthermore, learners who are excited about the course material will enjoy learning, rather than viewing it as a dull or arduous task. I believe that education should teach learners skills they can use in all the areas of their lives, not just in the classroom.

    My Licensure

    I hold North Carolina Licensure in the following areas: 
    - Physics 9-12
    -Mathematics 6-12
    -Academically Gifted
    - Leadership in Education
      - Gardner Webb University, NC
    - SciVis 1 
    -SciVis 2

    -Teacher of the year 2011-2012 finalist for WSFC/Schools
    Teacher of the year 2014-2015 for Atkins Academic Technology High School
    Selected to be part of Teacher Leadership Academy- Pathway 3 - Professional Development District Leader- 2017

    My Education
    -High School Diploma: Berat, Albania
    B. A. Degree, Physics 9-12: Tirane, Albania

    - Masters of Leadership in Education

      Gardner Webb University, NC


    2017-2018 Independent PD and other PD


    Personalized Learning (ED 5240), Capella University

    Instructional Coaching (ED 5163), Capella University

    Supporting Math Coaches- Melissa Rareshide-ERG Coach & Lisa Williamson- ERG Coach- Salem College

    Using Formative Assessment Data To Guide Instructions- Sara Shore, Product Research Director Of Key Data System (ASCD)-Webinar

    Flipped Classroom Revised- ASCD- Webinar

    Digital Portfolio In The Classroom- ASCD- Webinar

    AP Physics1 Algebra Based