• Uniform DressUniform Dress Code
    Hill Arts Magnet Middle School follows a uniform dress code.  All students must participate.  The dress code outlines the acceptable form of attire approved to be worn by students at Hill Arts Magnet Middle School.  Every component of the student uniform should be appropriate in length and size.  Appropriate is defined as that which properly covers the body and which is in good taste.  The principal shall have the final decision about the appropriateness of the length/size of clothing.
    General Considerations
    Each student has the responsibility to dress appropriately for the school environment. Wearing apparel, hair, and general appearance shall not disrupt the classroom atmosphere, shall not be unusually provocative or shall not violate health and safety rules of the school. The guidelines for dress and grooming are provided to assist parents and shall apply to all students. Student dress and grooming shall be neat, clean, and follow the general guidelines below.  
    • Students are prohibited from wearing additional "patches", pins, tattoos, earrings, jewelry or any other item that may be considered lewd, profane, obscene, suggestive, vulgar, or distractive which may harass, threaten, intimidate, or demean other groups; or which display illegal merchandise or contraband; or any item which may distract from the educational process.
    • Pierced ears for earrings are acceptable. Other visible body piercing is not allowed.
    • Head coverings, including but not limited to caps, hats, bandannas, "doo" rags, hair curlers, sunglasses, or any "gang" symbols are prohibited.
    • Oversize clothing is prohibited. The waistband of shorts, slacks, skirts, and similar garments shall not be worn below the waist. If belts or suspenders are worn, they shall be worn in place and fastened. "Sagging" and/or "low-riding" is prohibited.
    • Sunglasses or shades may not be worn.
    • The principal may designate certain days during the year as "free dress down days" and students will not have to wear uniforms on those days only.
    • No component of the uniform may be of denim material.
    Button-up Shirt/Knit Polo Shirt/Turtleneck/Sweatshirts/Sweaters
    Appropriate styles include:
    1. Solid colors in red, black or white 
    2. Button-up shirts and knit polo shirts are collared
    3. No hoods 
    4. No extra accessories including sequins, fringe,ruffles, lace, etc.
    5. Students may not wear sweaters or sweatshirts around the waist, neck or shoulders
    Must not advertise or exhibit any likeness of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc. or be in anyway lewd, profane, obscene, suggestive, vulgar or in any way harass, threaten, intimidate or demean other groups or be distractive to the educational process.  Heavy coats may not be worn around in the building.
    Pants/Skirts/Jumpers/Bermuda Shorts/Capris
    Acceptable styles include:
    1. Color:  Khaki
    2. Any brand (exception:  Dickie brand is highly discouraged)
    3. No spandex
    4. No zip-offs, low riders, bell bottoms, sagging pants or carpenter pants (pockets on the outside)
    5. No warm-ups or wind suits
    6. Jumpers, skirts and Bermuda shorts must be worn at knee length or below - no slits
    Not Allowed
    White, brown or black
    No platforms or flip-flops
    Tennis shoes MUST be worn in PE
    No lighted soles
    Tennis shoes MUST be laced and tied
    No open-toed shoes
    Other Considerations
    • All backpacks must be able to fit in locker & are not allowed to be carried throughout the school day.
    • Small hand purses are permitted. 
    • No visible piercing other than at the ear allowed.
    • No hats, head coverings or sunglasses allowed.
    • Tattoos must be covered.
    • The principal may designate certain days during the school year as "free dress" days.
    Hardship Status
    Parents who find it difficult to comply with the requirements of the uniform dress code due to financial hardship may request assistance from office personnel or home school coordinator at the school.