• BEARS Behavioral Matrix

    Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a national initiative that is proactive and helps to provide a positive approach to student behavior. PBS involves implementing interventions that are most likely to create an environment in which students can learn. The following Hill Magnet School Matrix summarizes student expectations:







    Bus Lot

    On Bus

    Front of School



    Have a hall pass

    Enter/Exit in a timely manner. Have a hall pass

    Have pin # ready. Have money ready

    Enter without extra items. Leave book bags in room

    Know your bus #

    Watch out for buses entering and exiting

    Know your assigned seat and sit in it

    Know your pick up and drop off zone


    Expect Success

    Stay to the right

    Do not linger. Keep walls clean

    Food should go from tray to mouth only

    Enter quietly & calmly

    Stay in room until your bus is called. Move to after school activities at 3:00

    Line up in an orderly fashion

    Keep the bus clean

    Look both ways safety first


    Act Responsibly

    Keep moving

    Wait patiently. Dispose of waste properly

    Single file line. Enter 5 at a time - quietly

    No talking during performances. Clap at appropriate times

    Parents must write a note to change mode of transport. Administration must sign notes if you are riding a different bus

    Keep moving safely

    Sit down at all times

    Only exit & enter car in designated zone


    Respect Yourself & Others

    Quiet voice

    Use quiet voice

    Quiet voice. Hands and feet to self

    Observe quietly. Sit still

    Go straight to your destination

    Quiet Voice

    Respect the bus driver & share the seat

    Have books/materials ready & exit or enter quickly


    Show Self Control

    Get to class in 2 minutes

    Flush toilet. Wash & dry hands.

    Remain seated once you are in your seat

    No outbursts or standing up

    Listen to the announcements & for your bus number to be called

    Leave the plants alone

    Keep your hands & feet to self

    Wait for your parents to reach the zone