• 8th grade Advanced Art Syllabus


    Welcome to Art!! I am excited about getting to know some new faces and welcoming back familiar ones. I hope that you all had a fantastic summer.I am looking forward to working on new projects and seeing the talent that you all posses.My expectations for you will be to put forth your best effort in all you do and to be respectful to everyone in your class including yourself.


    You will need a spiral bound sketch book for class.  You will be working on art journals this year.  I am hoping this opens up thecreative side of your brain.  I want you to use these like your personal journals.  No one will be looking at these except for me.   You will be expected to use different mediums and use different subjects for each page.  HAVE FUN with this!  Each page will count 10 points and at the end of each quarter I will add up your total score and that will be recorded as a major project grade.


    I will give you five critiques to work on during the quarter. We will go over what to do in class on the first day. You may turn these in at any time during the quarter, but must be turned in a week before the quarter ends. I will let you know when that is. Each critique counts 20 points and these will be added up at the end and counted as a major project grade as well.


    There will probably be enough time to do one to two projects a quarter. Being that you are an advanced class, I will expect high quality work from you.  If you find that you are not going to be able to get your project on the due date, please feel free to let me know when you can stay after and I will be more than happy to stay. Each project will be graded with a rubric. This will help with giving grades.


    Example of a rubric:
    20 points: Neatness

    30 points: Followed directions

    20 points: Used materials properly

    20 points: Used time wisely

    10 points: Turn in on time

    Behavioral expectations:

    *Each person in class is expected to do the best that they can

    *You are to respect everyone in the room including yourself

    *Come to class prepared: Bring sketchbook and pencils

    *Use materials appropriately or you will not use them at all.

    *No throwing anything in class

    *Get to class on time. After three tardies you have ASD.

    *Come to class prepared: Bring sketchbook and pencils

    * If you continue to have problems in class not following these rules parents will be called.  If the problem continues you will get written up. This can be a great class as long as you choose to follow these simple rules
    Supply List
    8 ½ X 11 spiral bound sketch pad




    Parents:   Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions.  My email address: abpegram@wsfcs.k12.nc.us. Thank you so much for your support for the arts program here at Jefferson Middle School.