• Sixth grade critique questions

    1.  What is the name of the art work, name of artist and date.
    2.  What is the meduim used? 
    3.  What elements of art do you so? (color, value, shape, texture, form, line and space)
    4.  What colors do you see?
    5.  What lines do you see?
    6.  Are there geometric or organic shapes?
    7.  What do you see in the art work?
    8.  What do you think the artist is trying to convey?
    9.  What would you do differently with the art work?
    10.  Do you like it?  Yes or No.  (2 complete sentences)


    Make sure you do five sets of these questions!!  Critiques are due one week before the end of each quarter!
    If you do not have an art book at home, here are some good web sites to look at.