• artSixth Grade Syllabus

     ACADEMIC EXPECTATIONS: Within each quarter there will be one to two projects assigned. You will be given a rubric, which will help determine the grade that you will receive upon completion of your project. I realize that not everyone has a great talent in art so the rubric helps you know what the expectations of the projects are. You will be expected to get each step of your work done at a certain date, that way we will not be working on one project all year long. If you find that you are not going to be able to get it done, you can talk to me about staying after to catch up on your work.
    Example of a rubric:
    20 points: Neatness
    30 points: Followed directions
    20 points: Used materials properly
    20 points: Used time wisely
    10 points: Turned in on time
    You will also be expected to keep up with a sketchbook that you will turn in weekly sketching assignments that will count 10 points each. At the end of the quarter, all points will be counted up and be recorded as a major project grade. This will have a big effect on your grade so please keep up with your sketches. Make sure you bring your sketchbooks to class every day.
    We will work throughout the year on projects that reflect on the elements of art: space, texture, color, line, shape, form and shape. You will also be learning how to critique artwork by looking at different pieces of works by different artist and answering questions. You will have five critiques to complete by the end of each quarter. You may turn these in at any time. Each critique will be worth 20 points. This will count for a major project grade at the end of the quarter as well so please make sure you get these handed in.
    *You will be expected to be respectful of everyone in your class. I do not tolerate negative comments and do not want anyone to feel uncomfortable about sharing their opinions because they are afraid that someone will make fun of them.
    *Use all art materials appropriately or you will not use them at all, especially when we begin working with clay or any sharp tools.
    * Do not throw anything that includes erasers, pencils, etc.
    * Get to class on time. After three tardies you will be given after school detention. *If there are any disciplinary problems, I will send a letter home. If problems continue I will call parents then from there you will be written up.
    Supply List: spiral bound sketchbooks, kleenex and wipes
    Parents: please feel free to contact me at any time about your students progress in class. It is really important that students keep up with their sketch assignments because a low grade in this one assignment can bring down their overall grade. Thank you so much for all your support. I hope you had a great summer and I look forward to working with you!!