• In the seventh and eighth grades the students will switch off between health and PE by quarters. I teach my students health first and third quarter and Mr. Wilkerson teaches them PE second and fourth. (Then I teach his students and he teaches mine in the reverse order.) The 4 quarterly grades are averaged for the final mark.

    The grade that will show up on the report card will be listed as a PE grade under their original teacher's name.  However the quarter they are with me in the classroom the grade will be from the health curriculum. ( Mr.Wilkerson will defines his grading on his website) The HEALTH portion of the grade will be 75% tests, projects, ahd quizzes and 25% homework and participation.

    As noted above, my health classes have reading and writing assignments, projects and class work the same as any other academic subject.  I expect them to come prepared to class with notebook, agenda and pencil.  I teach 8th graders during their encore time of 1st  and 2nd  periods.  7th graders are with me during 3rd and 4th periods. They return to their teams and go to lunch with their core teachers .  All students will need a thin folder with paper that can be left in the classroom. Tissues and hand soap are always welcome.