• Welcome to third quarter!!I am looking forward to having my  students back  for next nine weeks.

    Many returning students are already all familiar with the health /PE split. I teach 8th and 7th grade health first and third quarters to my students. Second and fourth quarters  they will have PE in the gym with Mr. Wilkerson. (His students start the year with him in PE and have Health with me during 2nd and 4th quarters)

    Mr. Wilkerson's are now in the gym for the rest of third quarter. 7th graders are starting off with their Family Life Unit. (All lessons can be previewed through the media center). Boys and girls will be split for about 3 weeks. The end of the quarter we will cover our Substance Abuse Unit.
    8th graders are also covering their Family Life Unit. They will also learn about Substance Abuse and First Aid. By stander CPR will be taught as part of the state of NC's High School Graduation Requirements. 
    6th graders are reminded they do NOT need to purchase a PE uniform. However we are letting them purchase one to wear whenever they choose- they will not be required to dress out for PE. In February my 6th graders will be in the Trailer for Health .