• Technological Systems (8th)
    Inventions and Innovations (7th)
    Technology Design & Innovation (6th)
    Exploring Technology

    Mrs. Beverly D. Ladson

    Jefferson Middle School

    3500 Sally Kirk Road

    Winston-Salem, NC 27106

    (336) 774-4630                


    Welcome to a new school year and the new technology curriculums.  The curriculums have been changed to ensure that students are gaining the maximum experience in their acquisition of knowledge.  The Exploring Technology curriculum has been changed into three individual courses:  Technological Systems for 8th graders, Inventions and Innovations for 7th graders, and Technology Design and Innovation for 6th graders.  Through these courses students will learn the history, process, and implementation of technology and its effect on society.   
    Work Accepetance

    Students are encouraged to turn in work that is a reflection of themselves.  In addition, work that students turn in is a demonstration of responsibility and work ethic.  Students should not loose their work nor turn in work that is balled up or folded like a note.  Students that have balled up work, work folded like a note, work that is drawn on, or messy will be given another sheet for a deduction of 10 points each.


    This course is one that allows students to gain knowledge through the use of hands-on activities.  The prerequisite to any hands-on activity is the completion of the assignments that are given to provide a foundation for the unit.  Students that don't complete the assignments when due will be subjected to the late assignment policy and not allowed to do the final project.



    Students can stay after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school with the exception of meetings or other school related activities that I may have to attend.  Students can use this time to use the lab, make up assignments or to further their understanding of a topic. 



    Attendance will be taken every day.  Students should be in their assigned seats when the bell rings.  When a student is absent from class an excuse is required at the beginning of the next school day or when the student returns to school.  Missing class periods does not excuse the expectations of assignments.  Students are encouraged to stay after school to compensate for missed work.


    When a student misses a day out of class any work that was due on the day of the absence is due at the beginning of the next class period that the student returns.  Assignments that are turned in after the initial day of return will be treated as late and marked accordingly.

    Tardies will be taken according the the school's tardy policy and it will be adhered to. 


    Late Assignments

    Late assignments will be deducted 10 points for each class period that it is not turned in.  The points will continually be deducted until the grade is a zero, at which point no additional time will be given to make up the grade. 


    Class Rules

    For the purpose of order class rules have been put into place.  Every student will be expected to follow the rules.  Consequences for not complying are also outlined below.



    1. Only your best will be accepted, no negotiations.
    2. Respect for yourself and others.
    3. Stay in your seat.
    4. Communicate with respect.
    5. Professional attire and attitude only.


          1st offense:   Warning

          2nd offense:  Writing Assignment

          3rd offense:  After school detention with me and parental contact

          4th offense:   Recommendation to the principle's office


     Needed Materials

    Students are expected to come to class prepared each day.  It is unacceptable for a student to not have needed items to perform successfully.  Items needed are as follows:
    •  3 ring binder notebook with paper;
    •  Pens (black or blue ink only);
    • Class work ;
    • Storage device to save work.   

    Grading Policy

    Student's grades will be weighted and will count as follows:

                                        Assignment                                              How many times 

                                        Handouts, Graphic Organizers                                                              1x         

    Tests/Quizzes                                                                                             2x

    Projects                                                                                                       3x        
    I will maintain grades on Power School on a regular basis.  If you check the system and notice that there is a grade missing.  That is an indication that your child has not completed an assignment.  A missing grade is averaged as a zero and will effect the student's overall average.  Please encourage your student to turn in all assignments so that their averages will remain current.