• Math tutoring will begin...Sept 18th.  Tutoring is provided for those students who are having difficulty with concepts we are covering in class or need to make up assignments due to absences.
    • Your child must make arrangements to stay before the day of tutoring, they cannot call you from school  on the morning of tutoring to ask permission to stay. 
    • Tutoring hours are from 2pm-3pm each Thursday.  Please don't be late picking your child up. 
    • Your child may bring a snack or bring money to purchase a snack at the snack machine.  Drinks and snacks are around $.75 each  (since we eat lunch at 10:45 they are usually very hungry by 2 p.m.).
    • Remind your child that excellent behavior is expected during the tutoring hour.  Many times we have 15-20 students stay and those who misbehave will not be allowed to attend another session.
    • Occasionally we have to cancel tutoring.  We will do our best to notify you in advance if we have to cancel!
      Normally we do not tutor during a holiday week or standardized testing weeks.