• Student Expectations and Safety Rules for Gym and Lockeroom

    1. Report all injuries to the teacher.

    2. Do not attempt any physical movements the teacher has not assigned.

    3. Students will not be allowed to participate at all in P.E. that are under doctor's orders not to.

    4. Running to and from class will not be allowed in the gym and lockeroom.

    5. Horseplay,hitting, and pushing will not be allowed in gym and lockeroom.

    6. Students may not leave the gym or lockeroom before, during or after class without teacher permission.Students will leave the lockeroom as a group after the teacher releases them to the gym. Students will leave the gym with a teacher at the end of class.

    7. Students are expected to wear tennis shoes at all times in P.E.

    8. No food, gum, and drinks are allowed in the gym or lockeroom.

    9. When the students enter the gym they will begin walking around the gym. They are not allowed to disturb equipment. This includes shooting,throwing,kicking or bouncing any balls. Students should walk around any equipment that is on the floor and never jump over anything that is on the gym floor without instruction from the teacher.

    10. Students are expected to follow teacher directions and stay on task.

    11. Students are expected to lock all valuables in a locker with a blue P.E. lock issued to them at the beginning of the year.