2015 IDITAROD

    ........Let's Get MUSHING!! .....

    *Iditarod Walking Project: 
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    Due no later than Feb 27th 
    Worth 2 EXTRA 100's- IF DONE CORRECTLY!!!
    Live Coverage and Updates once the Race Starts in March!:                 
    Anchorage webcam- Ceremonial Race coverage
    (you will need to hit the refresh button to get the updated images)
    Nome finish line webcam- Watch the mushers cross the finish line!!


    *Who are we tracking this Year???

                                ...Who will Win?
    First Period Mushers:

    *Veteran:          Aliy Zirkle   

    *Rookie:           Benjamin Harper

    Second Period Mushers:

    *Veteran:         Lance Mackey     

    *Rookie:         Thomas Waerner    

    Fifth Period Mushers:

    *Veteran:          Jeff King

    *Rookie:           Rob Cooke
    Sixth Period Mushers:

    *Veteran:         Dallas Seavey 

    *Rookie:          Isabelle Travadon
    I have been trying to update this page, but am having issues...If you go to Iditarod.com you can access all the webcams! Listing off ALL webcams along the trail http://iditarod.com/forums/topic/2014-webcams-and-weather-links