• Happening in Class Now:
    6th grade - GO TO HEALTH HOMEWORK
    7th grade - GO TO HEALTH HOMEWORK
    8th grade - GO TO HEALTH HOMEWORK 

    Physical Education has 3 main purposes.
    1 - Teach students about a variety of sports, including history and rules of each game.
    2 - Measure and improve fitness levels.
    3 - How to be involved in competitive and cooperative activities with proper sportsmanship and teamwork principles.

    6TH GRADE COURSE DESCRIPTION: We offer a variety of courses in PE and Health. We want all students to enjoy the subjects and topics and also learn at the same time.
    Both Health and PE will require students to participate in reading, writing, and math activities to prepare for EOG testing.
    The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in my PE/Health classes will participate in the "Fitness Gram" program, which consist of the pacer run, push ups, sit ups, trunk lift, and sit and reach.

    All PE students in my class will wear white socks and tennis shoes. Failure to wear tennis shoes results in a (0) for that day. All 6th graders are required by WS/FC Schools to pay a $4.00 PE fee. All 8th graders are required by WS/FC Schools to pay a $4.50 PE fee. Fees will be paid to first period home room teachers.

    Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Flag Football, Volleyball, GaGa, Dance, Track/Cross Country, Board Game/Checkers.
    Grading - Students will be earning a daily grade based on participation and effort-75% of their grade. 25% - will include current events or other writing assignments I might assign.
    l. Personality, self esteem, communication, and stress management . (This will include a personality poster.)

    ll. Suicide prevention and Mental Health. Prevention of bullying/cyber bullying. Will include current events and movies.
    lll. Family Life - (Sex Education)

    a. Letter to parents
    b. Myths
    c. Birth control (boys and girls are separated)
    d. Reproduction (boys and girls are separated)
    e. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    f. Personal Responsibility and Decision-Making situations
    g. Refusal Skills
    h. Concluding Session: Community Resources and Closure.

    lV. AIDS

    a. What is AIDS?
    b. How is it spread?
    c. Myths
    d. How to deal with living with an AIDS victim.
    e. What is HIV?
    f. Test

    V. Life Skills - (Step 1)- Prevention of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs)
    a. Videos
    b. Workbook - (every student receives a book-6th gr.)
    c. Class work and homework in book.
    d. Contract - (It's My Call)

    Vl. First Aid - Basics

    a. Rescue Breathing
    b. Severe Bleeding
    c. Choking (Heimlich Maneuver)
    d. Poisons

    VII - Nutrition - 7th grade- students will learn proper way to eat and learn 6 nutrients (pyramid) and how to deal with eating disorders.  

    VII - Drug Awareness:
    a. Prevention of smoking cigarettes/marijuana
    b. Alochol prevention and information
    c. Illegal drug information and effects 
    Mental Health: Mental as well as physical well-being.
    Appraising own health status.
    Age related Health Risk
    Stress Management
    Nutrition/Weight Management:
    Dietary Guidelines
    Consumer Issues
    Body Image
    Eating Disorders
    Substance Abuse:
    Health risks associated with Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco.
    Resistance Training to avoid drugs/alcohol.
    Family Life:
    Worth the Wait-Drama Prsentation and STI Presentation (Separtated)
    Movies: Sex, Lies and the Truth and Abstinence, Sending a Clear Message.
    First Aid:
    Rescue Breathing
    Pulse Rate-Implement Mathematical problems
    CPR-( High School Graduation requirement will be covered)
    Severe Bleeding
     Health classes will alternate with PE classes every quarter. Mr. Patrick and Ms. Francis will team together, and Mr. Wilkerson and Mrs. Peverall  will team up.