• syllabus
    Pirate Team - McDowell/Smith
    Language Arts Syllabus


    I.  Literature studies following the NC Standard Course of Study will prepare students for the End-of-Grade Reading Test.

                A.  Novels will be utilized.

                            1.  Classes will read 20 books from a variety of literary genres by the end of 4th quarter.

                            2.  Outside Reading will include both student and teacher-selected novels and short stories.

                            3.  Reading Logs will be completed to enhance vocabulary development and comprehension.

                            4. Vocabulary will be studied in context.

                B.  Literature will be the core of the Language Arts program.  A variety of sources will be explored, analyzed, and evaluated.

                            1.  Genres covered will include fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama.

                            2.  Comprehension and skills assignments will accompany the literature studies.

    II. Writing

                A.  Basic grammar skills will be covered.

                B.  Emphasis will be on sentence and paragraph construction.

                C.  Language skills will be taught through mini-lessons that will review and extend concepts.



    Social Studies Syllabus


    The NC Standard Course of study will cover several areas.  Following is a basic pacing guide for the topics covered during the year.


    First Quarter                                                                          Third Quarter

    Five Themes of Geography                                                       Russian Empire

    Map Skills                                                                                World War I

    Ancient Civilizations (Ancient Greece and Rome)                       World War II

    Middle Ages                                                                             Soviet Union and Cold War



    Second Quarter                                                                      Fourth Quarter

    Renaissance and Reformation                                                   Modern Europe

    Age of Exploration                                                                    Russia Today

    Colonization of South America                                                  Modern South America           

    Age of Revolution                                                                    


    Assignments will incorporate a variety of materials including the textbook, worksheets, workbooks, research/project materials, novels, and tests.  Current events will be covered weekly.


    Special events will enrich the social studies program, possibly including, but not limited to guest speakers, National Geography Bee, Greek Day, and field trips.


    As most of the reading selections on the EOG Reading Test are content area selections, we will be reading many selections in social studies with that format in mind. 



    Math Syllabus


    Math studies following the Common Core Essential Standards (CCES) will prepare students for the End-of-Grade Math Test.  We will be following the WS/FCS Pacing Guide for Math Curriculum, and below is a very basic road map of the year.



    First Quarter

    ·        Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide Fractions

    ·        Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide Decimals

    ·        Divide multi-digit numbers

    ·        GCF, LCM, distribution of GCF

    Second Quarter 

    ·        Ratios, unit rates, equivalent ratios (proportions), percent of a number, ratios with different measurement units

    ·        Expressions: evaluate, write, identify parts, equivalencies, create real-world problems

    ·        Properties

    ·        Equations and Inequalities:  substitution of numbers,  variables, solve real-world problems

    ·        Create tables, graphs, and equations using dependent/independent variables

    Third Quarter                

    ·        Measure Volume

    ·        Describe/categorize  geometric shapes based on properties

    ·        Classify geometric shapes based on hierarchy

    ·        Find Area of triangles and quadrilaterals

    ·        Find Volume of right rectangular prisms with fractional edges

    ·        Create nets of 3-d figures to find Surface Area

    ·        Distribution of data (center, spread, overall shape)

    ·        Measure of center and variation

    ·        Dot plots, histograms, Box and whisker plots

    ·        Quantitative measures of center


    Fourth Quarter

    ·        Positive and negative values

    ·        Coordinate plane:  ordered pairs, plot points

    ·        Compare and order rational numbers; absolute value

    ·        Find distance between points on Coordinate plane

    ·        Draw polygons in Coordinate plane and find length, width, and area of figures

    ·        EOG review

    Extensions and Enrichment Activities

    ·        Math Superstars

    ·        Week by Week Essentials

    ·        Math Talk

    ·        Math Counts



    First Quarter

    ·        Earth In the Universe:  Earth/Moon/Sun System and Celestial Bodies in the Universe; gains from space exploration

    ·        Earth Systems, Structures, and Processes: Interactions of constructive and destructive forces that have changed Earth’s surface and the relationship of humans and the lithosphere

    Second Quarter

    ·        Forces and Motion:  Properties of Waves/Wavelike Properties of Energy (Earthquakes, Light, and Sound)

    ·        Matter: Structure, classifications, physical properties, and change

    Third Quarter

    ·        Energy:  Conservation and Transfer and Interactions of matter and energy

    Fourth quarter

    ·        Structures and Functions of Living Organisms (Plants)

    ·        Ecosystems:  Flow of Energy (Biotic and Abiotic Factors)



    Team Grading Policies

    Assignments will be weighted as follows:

    Tests and projects - 4 times

    Quizzes and notebooks - 3 times

    Mini projects and labs - 2 times

    Classwork, homework, and current events - 1 time


    Things You May See on Graded Papers

    Check mark = 100% (full credit)

    Redo = 50% or redo and turn in for additional credit

    Inc = 50% or finish and turn in for additional credit

    Late = See "Daily Homework Assignments" (for reasons other than absence)


    Tutoring Schedule

    Tutoring is after school from 2:15 - 3:00 p.m.  Any students staying for tutoring may ride the activity bus.  Car riders following tutoring must be picked up no later than 3:10.  Mr. McDowell's Math tutoring will be on Tuesdays.  Ms. Smith's Language Arts tutoring will be on Thursdays


    Daily Homework Assignments

    All homework is expected to be completed in its entirity and turned in by the deadline provided. 
    • Missing Task Lists - Given Each Wednesday
    • Posted Grades - Each Wednesday
    • Missing Tasks - Due No Later Than Friday of Each Week 
    • No Papers Accepted After this Deadline and Student Receives a "1" in Parent Assist
    The following are two ways to check to see what your child has for homework:

         1) Visit the teachers web page calendar by navigating from https://www.wsfcs.k12.nc.us/jms.   

         2) Check your child's agenda.  Homework assignments should be copied from the board daily.
    Progress Reports
    WS/FCS uses Parent Assist to help parents monitor their child's academic progress.  Teachers update grades regularly and parents should check this as often as possible.  We will also provide progress reports to any student who is making a D or F in any of their four core classes every two weeks.   

    Team Packs

    Expect a Team Pack every Wednesday!  The Team Pack will include a weekly newsletter from Mr. McDowell and Ms. Smith.  The newsletter contains important team information and lists graded papers which are being sent home that day.  Other important information from the office and/or the PTA will also be sent home in the Team Pack on Wednesdays.  Parents, please sign and return the Team Pack no later than Friday of the week it is sent home.