• Supply "Wish" List - Supplies 2012
    (Students may use their CORE class binder, but it would be helpful if these supplies are available and designated for their BFIT class.  There are "used" binders and dividers available in the classroom for those who would like to get a set for class.  Limited Supply!)
    Computer App 1. / Computer App 2 / Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship (BME) 

    • 1 ~ 1" 3-Ring Binder with clear front cover
    • Subject Dividers (5 to 8 dividers)
    • 12~ Sheets of Notebook Paper (We do write some!)
    • Pencil / Pen each and every class
    (Ear buds can be used in CSA-2 and BME. and a set is available in the classroom, but is the student wants to bring their own, be sure to label them, and don't bring an expensive pair) 
    Students will be building a resource binder therefore their supplies are needed each class.
    ***If you have taken keyboarding and will now be enrolled in CSA 2 or BME, be sure to bring back your keyboarding binder ~ contents still intact from the keyboarding class.  This will save you time! 
    Clean & Healthy WISH LIST!
    Please send in Antibacterial Wipes and Tissues...Each class period change, students wipe off their work stations and these items are important to the health of the BITE Lab and all 300 students who pass through the door every two days! 
    Thank you!