• Cat Working at DeskLEAP at Kennedy High School
    The LEAP program is a unique program that allows students the ability to get back on track with their education.  Students that attend LEAP have failed somewhere in their academic career.  By attending LEAP, these students have the ability to complete two academic years in one longer school year.  If a student is successful in the LEAP program, they will advance two grade levels at the end of the year.  So, a student that begins the LEAP program as a 7th grade student can end the program as an up coming 9th grader.  In order to LEAP, a student must:
    1. pass all of his or her classes, including electives
    2. make a 3 on the EOG math and reading test for the grade he/she is leaping over (6th graders take the 7th grade EOG, 7th graders take the 8th grade EOG, etc.)
    3. not miss more than 20 school days (including both excused and unexcused absences)
    4. attend school an extra 3 weeks out of the year
    If you are interested in the LEAP program, please call the school for more information: 336-703-4143.