Colonial Man with Quill

    About Ms. McGready's 7/8 LEAP  and 8 Gateway Social Studies Class
    This class focuses on United States History, while incorporating North Carolina History.  There are nine competency goals students are expected to master. The focus of the goals include:
    Explorer    Colonization of the English Colonies  Native American and Pilgrim
    Liberty Bell Causes and Effects of the  Revolutionary War and Developing the New Nation  George Washington
    FarmerGrowth and Changes in the State and Nation in the Early 1800s   Industry
      Causes and Effects of the Civil War and Reconstruction 
     Impact of the Industrial Revolution 
       WWI, the 1920s, and Great Depression 
      WWII and the Cold War 
      Growth and Change from the 1950s to the 1970s. 
      Major Events of the Last 40 Years