• The Next Space Missions

    Posted by David Boyer on 1/5/2017

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    The Next Space Missions

     The Solar System

    With the end of NASA's space shuttle program there is much debate as to what the United States next missions in space should focus on.  Since the end of the Apollo missions to the moon in the 1970's, humans have not left low-earth orbit (where the shuttle and International Space Station have gone).  Many people believe that it is now again time to send man to explore our solar system, while others would prefer to remain close to earth.


    When President George W. Bush made recommendations for the future of NASA he suggested that the organization shift its focus to a manned mission to Mars. NASA, under President Barack Obama has focused on sending rovers to Mars to gather information instead of developing a mission for people to get to Mars.

    Mission to Mars  


    Some people believe that exploring our solar system is best done only through robots and space probes.  We’ve landed probes on planets, moons, asteroids, and comets to study them without the risk of human death.


     space probe

    No human has stood on the moon since astronaut Gene Cernan in 1972.  Many people feel that a return to the moon to study its geology and establish a human base as a launch point for future space exploration is vital.

     man on moon


    People that are less interested in exploring the universe and more interested in continuing missions that benefit the people of Earth would rather see a continued use of the International Space Station - keeping astronauts contained in low-earth orbit.


    If you were the one to make the decision as to what future missions were conducted in space, where would you put the emphasis?  You must complete a post that is one paragraph (at least 100 words) words that:

    --  Clearly states a future mission in space

    --  Provides at least three reasons why you think your mission choice is better than other options

    --  Remember to produce good quality of work with accurate spelling and grammar.



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