Grading:  Here is the grading scale I use as well as the percentages:


    90-100 = A                     homework      25%

    80-89  = B                     classwork        25%

    70-79 = C                       quizzes            15%

    60-69 = D                      tests/projects     20%

    (5)0-59 =F                      oral presentations     15%
    Homework policy:  At different times during the week students will be assigned homework.  I feel that the acquisition of  a foreign language is a building process, and that homework is a very important aspect of that process.  You can't learn a language without practice!
     © Homework will be due at the beginning of class.  Homework/classwork turned in on time receiving a score of 70 or below may be corrected and resubmitted for an averaged grade but must be turned in by the next class meeting. (Students are always invited to make corrections on their papers regardless of the grade they received.)
    © Late work will have points deducted and will not be accepted after two class meetings.
    © It is the student's responsibility to find out what he/she missed during an absence and to make it up.  I have a make-up work center in my room and I post homework on my web site daily so there is no excuse for not making up work.  Work should me made up within a reasonable amount of time.
    © Parents:  I send out email updates on what is going on in class throughout the year.  This includes any important dates or events in our class.  I will be glad to include you in my mailing list if you will send your email address or email me with your child's name in the subject area.