Kernersville Middle School Standard Mode of Dress (SMOD) 2022-2023

    Students must ALWAYS adhere to the WS/FCS dress code Policy (explained below) 



    Must be solid colors or heathered: White, Black, Khaki/Tan (not dark brown), Gray,  and Blue 

    The colors apply to shirts, blouses, turtlenecks, sweatshirts, crewneck sweaters, vests, and hoodies worn inside the building.  Students can wear official KMS spirit-wear (sold through PTA or KMS clubs/athletics).  

    We do not permit local community league shirts, hoodies or college shirts/hoodies to be worn during the school day unless otherwise notified. 

    Tops must cover midriff, even with arms raised.

    Dresses must be a solid color just like a shirt.



    Pants, skirts, shorts should sit at the waist.  Not permitted are pants, skirts, shorts that sag, are skin tight, or short to where the student's bottom is exposed.  All shorts MUST have at minimum a 3” inseam.  The side of athletic shorts must NOT rise above a 3” inseam.  Athletic shorts cannot have side splits.

    If jeans are frayed, ripped or have holes, the distressed areas must be at least 12” below the waistline of the pants. 


    The following clothing items are not allowed:

    • Any logo on a shirt, sweater, light jacket or hoodie that is larger than a standard business card
    • Bandanas (even when worn as a headband or scarf)
    • Pajama pants
    • Low cut blouses (NO CLEAVAGE)
    • Tops with cut-outs where undergarments can be seen
    • Bedroom slippers
    • Tops that do not cover undergarment straps.  All straps MUST be 3 fingers width
    • Crop, halter, tube tops, or any other top that exposes the midriff
    • Students are not permitted to wear a hat or hoodie on their head while in the building
    • PE uniforms (including PE sweatpants) can ONLY be worn during PE class

    Students may use any color with accessories such as belts, socks, shoes, jewelry, scarves, hair bows, ties, etc.



    KMS will occasionally announce SMOD-Free days.  Even on a SMOD free day, students must adhere to the WS/FCS dress code.

    The first Friday of every month students are permitted to wear a college shirt or jersey.  



    Students with SMOD infractions will receive a ticket showing the exact violation during homeroom.  Students may call home for a change of clothes, get appropriate clothing from the SMOD closet, or spend the day in ISS.  

    If a student accumulates three tickets, the administration will handle it as a Level I violation of the Code of Conduct (policy 5131).

    WSFCS Dress Code Guidelines 

    a. Clothing that contains advertisements for tobacco, alcohol or drugs; pictures or graphics of nudity; words that are profane, lewd, vulgar, or indecent; 

    b. Halter or bare midriff tops, or bare midriffs; 

    c. Spaghetti straps or tank tops; 

    d. Strapless shirts or tube tops; 

    e. Bare feet; 

    f. Short shorts or skirts; 

    g. Pants, slacks or jeans that sag below waist; and 

    h. Hats, caps, bandanas, or garments which cover the student’s face or conceal the student’s identity3

    i. Underpants or bras showing or worn as outerwear; 

    j. Provocative, revealing attire that exposes cleavage; and 

    k. Any symbols, styles or attire frequently associated with gangs, intimidation, violence or violent groups about which students at a particular school have been notified as described in AR 5131.

Last Modified on June 9, 2022