• Annie Laurie Lowrance was born on December 17,1900, in Catawba County, to Lawson Henry and Essie Sherill Long Lowrance.

    She attended the public schools and graduated from Greensboro College in 1921.  She earned her master’s degree in education from the University of North Carolina in 1942 and she did graduate work at several colleges.

    After Annie graduated from Greensboro College, she worked as a fourth grade teacher.  She was named assistant principal six years later, then was promoted to principal of Fairview School in 1931.  She served as principal of Fairview School for 22 years, until her death in 1953.

    Annie took a special interest in children that needed additional counseling.  She was asked by Governor Broughton to serve on a committee that studied leisure time needs of children.  Mayor Kurfees named Annie to his Civic Betterment Council “to suggest ways of solving the needs of youth so they would not grow up to become community problems.”

    Annie was the second woman to serve as a trustee of Greensboro College.  She was president of the General Alumni Association two times.  The Winston-Salem chapter named a scholarship that they offered in her honor.

    She was a member of several organizations related to education.  She was a member of Centenary Methodist Church.

    Lowrance Middle School is named for Annie Laurie Lowrance.

Last Modified on August 4, 2021