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    Career Center may be new to you. Thank you for visiting with us. We hope you will allow us to share some of our story, so you can learn more about us and why many students choose to make Career Center an integral part of their high school experience.

    Students may take one or more classes at Career Center. You may spend part of your school day, a half-day or all day on the Kennedy Campus, depending on your interests and academic requirements.

    Career Center is home to regular, honors and Advanced Placement courses as well as career and technical education (CTE) program offerings.

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    The handbook contains information regarding schedules, school policies and more!
    What is the Career Center?
    Career Center The Career Center has served as an extension of traditional high school programs since 1976.
    Students maintain their affiliation with their home high schools while completing Career Center courses. 
    Students may take regular, honors and Advanced Placement as well as career and technical education (CTE) courses.
    Career Center offers a challenging academic environment and unique learning opportunities.


    Who attends the Career Center?
    Career Center serves students from each high school in the Winston-Salem Forsyth County system.
    More than 1000 students are enrolled in Advanced Placement courses while approximately 750 students are enrolled in Career and Technical Education courses. 
    An additional 150 students take advantage of specialty course offerings.
    The Career Center student population is primarily composed of juniors and seniors, although select courses are open to underclassmen. 
    AP World History, Japanese I & II and Chinese I & II, are open to 9th graders.  AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science and AP Human Geography are open to 10th graders.
    Career Center Video and PDF
    Click HERE for a video celebrating the "wonderfulness" of our Career Center family.
    Click HERE to access a PDF file containing all the essential "need-to-know" Career Center information.
    How To Register
    Students register for Career Center courses during the regular registration process at their home schools.
    Inform your guidance counselor and SIGN UP for your desired courses.
    Special Opportunities
    Career Center students enjoy a number of extraordinary opportunities including:
    • Internships and Apprenticeships
    • Hands-On Learning
    • Service Learning Opportunities
    • Articulation Agreements With Area Institutions
    • Earning College Credit
    • Special Interest Clubs and Organizations
    • Extension Activities
    Why Do Students Choose the Career Center? 
    Students studying We asked students why they choose Career Center.
    Why choose to be part of two high school communities?
    Why choose to "leave their home school" and travel to Highland Avenue?
    Why do more than 2000 students choose to do this every year?
      Their responses fell into three categories.
    • Career Center is the best place to prepare for college or a specific career path.
    • Career Center's quality of instruction, diversity of classes and breadth of available courses is unmatched.
    • Career Center students enjoy terrific benefits including the opportunity to meet like-minded students from other schools.
    Learn More About the Career Center
    Culinary Arts studentsHow can you learn more about opportunities at Career Center?
    • Browse our website and consider all the course offerings.
    • We host multiple "Walk and Talk With Parents" throughout the year, which allow parents to tour our campus and as many questions as possible!
    • Attend a Career Center Open House, when parents and students are encouraged to explore meet the Career Center faculty, current students and alumni.
    Course Listings, AP Data and School Report Card
    Click HERE for more information on each course offering.
    Click HERE for Advanced Placement date.
    Click HERE for our NC School Report Card.
Last Modified on June 20, 2022