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    Students and teachers Many of you may not have heard about Career Center.  We'd like to offer you some opportunities to find out more about us and why so many students make the choice to attend Career Center.  Students may take one or more classes at Career Center spending part to one-half of the day or all day, depending on their interests and needs.  We offer regular, honors, Advanced Placement  and Career Technical courses that fill a wide variety of requirements.


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    What is the Career Center?
    Career Center For almost 40 years, Career Center has served as an extension of the regular high school programs.  Students maintain their affiliation with their home high schools while completing Career Center courses.  Students may take Advanced Placement, Career Technical, and Regular Curriculum courses.  Career Center offers a challenging academic environment and unique learning opportunities.

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    Who attends the Career Center?
    Career Center serves students from each of the county's high schools.  Over 1000 students are enrolled in Advanced Placement courses and about 750 are enrolled in Career Technical courses.  An additional 150 students take specialty courses offered as part of the regular curriculum.  Career Center students are primarily juniors and seniors, although a select number of courses are open to underclassmen.  AP World History, Japanese and Chinese I and II, are open to 9th graders.  AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science and  AP Human Geography are open to 10th graders.
    Videos about Career Center
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    Click here to view videos about Career Center created by our Digital Media students.
    Special Opportunities
    Career Center students enjoy a number of special opportunities as part of their experiences. 
    • Internships/Apprenticeships
    • Hands-on Learning
    • Service Learning Opportunities
    • Articulation Agreements with Area Institutions
    • Earning College Credit
    • Special Interest Clubs/Organizations
    • Extension Activities
    Why Do Students Choose the Career Center? 
    Students studying We asked students this past year why they chose Career Center ---- why they chose to be part of two high school communities, why they chose to 'leave their home school' and travel to our school on Highland Avenue?   Why do over 2200 students do this every day?  Their reasons boiled down to three basic categories : Career Center is the best place to prepare for their college or career path . Career Center's quality of instruction, diversity of classes, and breadth of courses offered is unmatched.  Career Center students have great benefits including the opportunity to meet like-minded students from other schools across the county.  They often have a break in the daily routine with a travel period.

    Find Out More About the Career Center
    Culinary Arts studentsIf you are interested, here's how you can find out more about your student's opportunities at Career Center:
    • Browse our school web site and look at our course offerings.
    • Throughout the school year, there will be multiple "Walk and Talk with Parents" opportunities, which allow parents to attend tours of the school and ask any questions they may have. These sessions are informal and allow us to walk and talk.
    • There will also be Career Center Open House nights, where parents and students are encouraged to attend and meet the Career Center teachers.
    Course Listing
    Since we have so many courses, it is impossible to list them all here. 

    How do I Register?
    Students register for Career Center courses during their regular registration process at their home schools.  Simply request with your guidance counselor to take your desired course(s) at Career Center.

Last Modified on October 5, 2016