• Lowrance Transition Services and Individual Education Plans


    When students with disabilities leave special education, the school will no longer provide services. Assistance may be provided by several different agencies that serve adults. Students with disabilities, now have many options to explore and many adult service providers to choose for services.


    Application procedures, funding sources, and eligibility requirements differ for each agency. For students and their families to learn about agencies and to help students acquire the skills they will need, transition planning which begins at age 16 or earlier if determined appropriate. Transition planning is a lifeline to adulthood.


    The Individual Education Program (IEP) is designed to help the student begin thinking of where they may want to work and live (with supports as needed) 3 to 5 years following high school. There are five areas of transition that lead to a well-rounded life. These areas are:

    • Employment
    • Independent living
    • Post-secondary training


    Short-term goals are established in each of these areas that will directly relate to the students’ long-term goals. Parents and students can decide if their long-term goals are attainable or desired, and this provides an opportunity for them to change their goals and to reach their goals through careful planning.


    As a parent, please think about what you want for your child as you attend IEP meetings to provide information to teachers that will help your child be successful.

Last Modified on January 11, 2022