Mustang Mural

    Our Mission
    Meadowlark Middle Schools mission is to build connections with students, staff and community in pursuit of excellence for all in academics and society.
    Our Vision
    At Meadowlark Middle, we envision building productive connections via the following areas:
    Technology in our classrooms will enhance all subject matter for student learning. Through the use of technology, Meadowlark Middle will create connections through the NCSOS and its relationship to students both in the community and globally.
    Community Involvement
    Meadowlark Middle School shares the responsibility of developing strong ties between parent and student involvement in community service both in and outside of our school.
    Academic Expectations
    While maintaining high academic expectations, our staff expects that all students are prepared to excel in their own performance. Instructional practices and parental support will foster a sense of connection with our students to promote higher order thinking and excellence.
Last Modified on August 11, 2010