Parent volunteers are a very vital part of the success of student learning and the success of our school. Volunteers serve in many roles. These roles may include proctors, tutors, media center assistants, clerical assistants, classroom assistants, fundraisers and chaperones for field trips.  
    Volunteers are considered a level one or level two volunteer.  A description of both levels are provided below:
    Level One - The volunteer is in the direct supervision of a school employee.  These volunteers serve as proctors for state test, tutors, media center assistants, clerical assistants, classroom assistants, fundraisers and chaperones for field trips. 
    Level two volunteers are people who are not under the direct supervision of school employee.  The best example is an overnight field trip chaperon.  Level two volunteers will have a crimical background check done by the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.  The check takes 45 days.  We have only a few overnight field trips.  In the event, you are asked by your child(ren)'s teacher to chaperon an overnight field trip you may update your form.
    To become a volunteer in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School(WS/FCS), you must complete an online volunteer form and attend a training session.  Please think about the role you wish to volunteer before completing the form.  NC driver's license number or a state issued ID card number must be provided for both level ones and twos.  Please complete the form for level one volunteer status.  In the event, you are asking to serve in a duty requiring level two status, we will upgrade you at that time. 
    Current WS/FCS Volunteers: You will not need to complete a new online volunteer form each year.  However, if you are new to Meadowlark Middle you will need to complete a volunteer school add or transfer form.  Current volunteers are to attend a training session each school year. 
Last Modified on August 28, 2019