• 8th Grade Test
    The 2004-05 school year was the first year of an 8th Grade placement test in Foreign Language. This assessment was designed to determine whether students who have completed 3 years of middle school foreign language are ready to enroll in Level II of that language as 9th Graders, as the program is designed to allow them to do.
    Beginning in 2007-08, the assessment also helps to determine whether students will receive high school credit for their middle school foreign language courses. In order to receive credit for a high school Level 1 course, students must complete the middle school sequence of courses successfully with a"C" or better in the 8th grade course. The test is 25% of the overall course grade.The test is given in May to all 8th graders enrolled in French, Spanish, Latin, and German. The results are then examined to determine the validity and reliability of the test, and it is revised as needed for use the next year.