• All-District Band

    All-District Band is an honors ensemble that is made up of the most talented musicians from the middle schools within the Northwest District of North Carolina.  There are 89 middle schools within the northwest district and on average there are around 600 students that audition for membership in the all-district bands.  This year's all-district band auditions will be held virtually.  Students will record and submit an audition video.
    To earn membership in a district honor band is a large accomplishment.  The only higher level of honor band than the all-district band is the all-state honors band.  To qualify for eligibility to audition for all-state band students must finish at the top of their section at all-district auditions.  Students that qualify for membership in one of the all-district bands will receive a certificate of achievment, an all-district medal, an electronic copy of the concert program (even though there won't be a concert this year), and the opportunity to pariticpate in a virtual clinic with Grammy Award Winning Music Educator Mickey Smith Jr..

    Students that wish to audition for membership in one of the all-district band ensembles make sure that they can perform the audition requirements for their instrument.  This material includes: six major scales (played from memory & in the following order: Concert G, C, F, Bflat, Eflat, Aflat), chromatic scale (played from memory) & the all-district cut of the honors band audition solo.  Percussion audition requirements are the same as they are for the all-county auditions.

    Students must pass off their auditions material for Mr. Liner by Friday, December 11th.  There is no audition for fee for this year's auditions

    This past year Meadowlark had twenty-one students qualify for membership in the all-district band.  Two of those students had the highest auditions scores for their instrument resulting in them earning first chair honors.  Meadowlark had a total of four students qualify to audition for all-state
    honors band.