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    Meadowlark Battle of the Books (BoB)
    The North Carolina Battle of the Books program (BoB) is a statewide program which requires students to read a list of books, then compete as a team against other schools across the state.

    Preparation for Battle of the Books here at Meadowlark begins early in the school year with after school meetings of the Battle of the Books Club (BoB) which began in late October.   A competition team of 12 will be chosen from this club in late January.  The first competition occurs in mid March.  This will be the district competition. The 2019-2020 list can be found here.

    The student team is quizzed on their knowledge of the 22 titles on the North Carolina Battle of the Books list. More information about the state wide program can be found at  http://www.ncslma.org/msbob

    Any questions about the MMS BoB program should be directed to Mr. Walter Carmichael (media coordinator) by either calling the school at 336-703-4228 or by email at wcarmich@wsfcs.k12.nc.us . 

     WANTED: Parents willing to read some of the books on the Battle of the Books list and provide questions for quizzing the team (They must be in a particular format). Also needed are parents willing to work with the students and/or provide refreshments for practice as they train for competition. If interested, please contact Mr. Walter Carmichael (Media Coordinator).



Last Modified on September 11, 2019