•  Grading Policy/Procedures 


    Meadowlark Middle School’s Physical Education Department’s requirements and grading scale will be changing. Students will be graded on dressing out and participation for each class period. All students are expected to follow the grading system:


    • Dressing out- including MMS shorts, MMS shirt, and tennis shoes only- 40% of daily grade.


    •  Health Grades will consist of participation and unit assessments.     


    • Participation- will be 60% of daily grade (physical activity).


    • Non- dressed out students will receive a warning and a ZERO for 1st time offenders. (For 1st quarter only)


    • The 2nd and 3rd   times of not dressing will result in immediate period detention, plus a ZERO for that day.


    • The 4th day of not dressing out will result in an office referral.


    • Period detention will be required to respond to a CURRENT EVENT for 40% daily credit.


    When a student is absent from class he/she will not be penalized. They do not receive a daily grade for the class period. Blanks on their progress report represents days they were not in class not days that they received a zero.


    Students must be dressed out fully in a MMS uniform with tennis shoes and participate 100% of the class to earn full credit for the day.


    If your child is sick, a note must be sent to class the same day excusing the student from participating in that class period. Students will still be expected to dress out although they will be excused from participating. If a student is going to miss participating more than 2 class periods, a medical note will be needed.


    It is very important that ALL medical issues are reported to your child’s P.E. teacher as soon as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions. We hope this new grading system helps all of our students.



    Thank you,

    Physical Education Dept.



    Joey Hearl


Last Modified on September 1, 2017