• Mineral Springs Middle School Student Services
    Welcome to Mineral Springs Middle School's Student Services Office! We are eager to serve you this school year.
    We have two full-time counselors at Mineral Springs Middle. They are Dr. Cindy Flynt and Ms.Torrence.  Dr. Flynt serves 6th-grade students, A-M, and 8th-grade students. Ms.Torrence serves 6th-grade students, N-Z, and 7th-grade students.
    The Mineral Springs Middle School Student Services Department looks forward to assisting you and your child in making this an exceptional school year in any way we can. You can drop in any time you like throughout the school day between 7:25 and 2:00. If you need a meeting before or after these hours, please make an appointment with us, and we will be happy to meet with you.
    Guidance's direct phone number is 336-703-4180
Last Modified on January 19, 2024