• Name: Mrs. Eileen Corlett
    Contact info: emcorlett@wsfcs.k12.nc.us  703-4122
    "If you want your child to improve let them overhear nice things you say about them"
    Haim Ginott


    Welcome to 5th grade. I am so excited to be teaching your child!  My professional teaching experiences also include teaching middle school Language Arts and Social Studies, 1st, 3rd and 4th grade, a one-on-one in elementary school, and pre-school teacher.


    My family of a wonderful husband and three awesome boys, Eric, Robbie and T.J. (and our cats, Ringo-Boo and Kitty) love baseball (go Yankees) the beach and camping. 


             My Goal is for all students to increase their reading comprehension and reading levels, as well as, become proficient writers incorporating the strategies they learn in writing.  Because language arts is considered a 'spiraling curriculum' students will be in guided reading groups based on skill ability. You should expect to see your child transition into higher level reading groups throughout the year. Additionally, students will have opportunities to choose partners for literature circle and book club activities.   The North Carolina English Curriculum is organized into the strands of reading/literature, writing, speaking/listening, and grammar.  You can find specific information at www.ncpublicschools.org   Classroom activities and assignments will be designed and skills will be taught within the framework of the state curriculum. Should you find difficulty locating them, just let me know and I will be glad to help.

             Your child will gain confidence in math critically thinking through problem solving strategies.  Objectives will include working with whole numbers, place value, algebra ordered pairs, geometry and graphing, working with decimals multiplying and dividing and also applying fractions knowledge solving multi step word problems. Additional curriculum support can be found on my website under "Math."     

    Helpful  Math tips:  http://www.cgcs.org/cms/lib/DC00001581/Centricity/Domain/36/Math%20Grade%205.pdf  

             Science will be taught through inquiry based lessons and the 5 E's (engage,explore, explain, evaluate, and elaborate). Your child will journal write, hypothesize and justify their findings. Every answer in science is a correct one if you can justify. Unit Objectives include Ecosystems, Genetics, Earth Systems, Matter, Force and Motion and Structures and Functions. Vocabulary can be found on my website under "Science". Your child will have the opportunity to work weekly navigating through the many interactive sites found here.
            Social Studies will be taught through various methods including projects, interactive activities, novels and webquests. Strands include, "Colonization" "Government", "New Nation",  "Financial Literacy", A Growing Nation", "A Nation Divided" and "Reconstruction".
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