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    Where is the Child Nutrition Department located?

    The Child Nutrition Department is located across the street from the old Hill Middle School. It is at the corner of Marble St. and Sprague St. The Child Nutrition Department address is 2266 Marble St. Winston-Salem, NC 27107


    How can I contact the Child Nutrition Department?

    The phone number for the Child Nutrition Department is (336)703-4275.


    How can I get in touch with a Cafeteria Manager at a school?

    You can either call or e-mail the cafeteria manager at a school.  Cafeteria manager contact list


    Can money be deposited onto a student's account online?

    Yes. .


    What happens if there is money left on my child’s account at the end of the school year?

    Positive student account balances will carry forward to next school year for all returning students to WS/FCS.


    What happens to my child’s account balance if he/she does not return to WS/FCS ?

    All balances over $5.00 for graduating seniors or students exiting the district may be transferred to another students account, refunded, or donated to the programs Angel Fund to support negative meal balances for students in low income families.

    Students not returning to WS/FCS with balances of less than $20.00 and more than $5.00 will be refunded at the school cafeteria.

    For funds greater than $20.00 a check will be processed. Please contact your café manager to provide the necessary information.   Cafeteria manager contact list.

    After 90 days, remaining balances for graduating seniors and withdrawn students will be transferred to the Angel Fund account to support negative meal balances. At the end of each school year, the Child Nutrition Department will notify the parent/guardian(s) of all graduating seniors with remaining meal account balances over $5.00.  


    Where do I get a Free/Reduced application?

    A new application is required every school year. Applications are available starting August 1st at the Child Nutrition office or from your child’s school. Applications are also available during open house. Each elementary and middle school student will be given an application to take home the first week of school. High school students are able to get applications from their café manager or main office at their school.  For additional informatio  Review the Free and Reduced application site for additional information. 


    How can I help support Child Nutrition Programs?

    WS/FCS is committed to ensuring that no child faces food insecurity during the school day by providing meals to students at no charge when they forget their lunch or lunch monies.  There is still a cost associated with these meals and often times, families may not be able to pay their balances.  Community members can support their local Child Nutrition Programs by making cash donations to the district’s Angel Fund to help pay negative meal balances.  Donations can be made to a specific school cafeteria in your community or to the district as a whole. 


    What if I want to work for Child Nutrition?

    Click here for employment opportunities


    What if my child has allergies/dietary restrictions?

    To view Allergen and nutritional information for items on the school menus.  Nutrislice menu dietary information. For further questions or concerns please contact our registered dietician at (336)703-4275