Classroom Procedures for Ms. Smiths Class


    A. General Procedures

    1. Student Arrival -Students should be prepared with pencils, textbook, paper, notebook, and positive attitude upon arriving to class.


    a.        Any student who is not in the classroom at the beginning of the period will be marked tardy. 


    b.     Tardies will be followed as addressed in the handbook.  Only a written note from an appropriate faculty member will excuse a tardy.


    c.     Upon reporting to class, students should:

    Sharpen pencils, gather materials needed, pick up calculators, and quickly settle in their seats and begin warm-up with mouths closed. 


    2. Leaving the Room 


        a.    Students will receive two bathroom passes each quarter.  They cannot be used during the first ten           minutes or last ten minutes of class.  Unused passes can be turned in at the end of the quarter for           extra credit.


        b.     Water fountains will only be visited during bathroom breaks.


    3. Using Materials and Equipment


                   a.  Calculators, which have been assigned to students, are the responsibility of the student.  In the event                  of loss of the calculator, the student will abide by the terms of the calculator contract.                                           


                   b.     Teachers desks and cabinets are off limits to students unless permitted by teacher.


                  c.     Trashcan - Trash will be thrown away at the end of class.


                                 d.  No cell phones, MP3s, cameras, games, or other electronic devices are allowed in class. 



    4. Ending the class period


              a.      Students will be instructed to bring their individual or guided activity to a close. 

              b.  Materials should be put away; books will be returned to the bookshelf and class work will be turned             in.

              c.    D