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    Northwest Middle School and the ACE Network


    We will empower young learners socially, emotionally and academically for the endless possibilities of tomorrow. Focusing on our students becoming well-rounded, disciplined, and responsible citizens.


    Northwest Middle School will provide a safe, engaging, and inclusive learning environment for all students to learn and grow.

    We focus on our students becoming well-rounded, disciplined, and responsible citizens. 
    The ACE Network will integrate achievement and character education and
    we will utilize engaging technology to promote success for all students!


    The ACE Network is committed to providing a safe and orderly educational environment in which all students will experience success in social, physical, and emotional development. To lead us toward our mission, our school community shares the following beliefs:

    • All students can learn given a supportive educational environment, proper resources and trained professional adults.
    • It takes the entire school family (faculty, staff, parents, and business partners) to nurture, guide and mentor our students.
    • With the cooperation of the school, home, and community, all students can become well-rounded, disciplined, responsible and productive citizens.



Last Modified on September 1, 2022