• Name: Mrs. Wharton
    Subject: 7th Grade Science
    Contact info: mwharton@wsfcs.k12.nc.us 
    7th Grade Science
    7th Grade Science FINAL EXAM- JUNE 3rd, 2016

    Will Cover: Objective 7.L.1
     7.L.2 ,7.P.1, 7.E.1
    Will count as 20% of the years grade 
    Topics: single celled organisms, plant and animal cells, organelles,
    human body functions, organs and interactions, body organization, Mendalen genetics, pedigrees,
    punnett squares, genetic disorders, and Advances in genetics, energy, forces and motion, weather
    Online Science Text:
    username: (lunch number)
    password: Whartonscience123


    The North Carolina Standard Course of Study for seventh grade Science focuses on structure and function of single celled organisms, plant and animal cells, body organization, the human body, genetics, weather and forces and motion. This year, we will explore these objectives while  integrating Math, Language Arts, Technology, Fine Arts, and Character Education objectives from the NC Standard Course of Study.

    Grading Policy

    Classwork/Homework 25%

    Tests 30%

    Labs/Projects 25%
    Quizes/Journal 20%
    MAKE UP WORK: Any student has the opportunity to improve their grade by stapling their made up work/redone work to the most recent progress report and get it signed by their parent/guardian. By the next progress report- you should see an improvement in your child's grade.